Typography : Satirical Prints

This project saw me produce a series of four pieces where humorous stabs & statements were made using typography. The idea came about from observing how disheartened & slightly irked I found myself with some of the facets which colour our social landscape, so I felt it necessary to communicate this.

Copy research for each piece was a fairly labour intensive process, however this was dwarfed when it actually came to constructing each piece once my passages of text were formulated.

Said copy was retrieved by paying particular attention to various 'straight' and scathing commentary's of my chosen social arenas and splicing this together with some of my own thoughts and attitudes.

The result of which sees each piece act as a visual essay, the main aim for each one to carry an irreverent and slightly witty tone in the hope it acts as a printed based amalgam of shows such as Have I Got News For You, Mock The Week and Charlie Brooker's TV Wipe.

The topics which found there way at the end of my observations included;