Cult Heroes of 'Champ Man'

Ever since I first got my hands on the 99/00 edition of the game Championship Manager, the game has proceeded to steel most of my life with every passing release ever since.

As fellow fans will know, the earlier editions threw up some brilliant players who could be snipped up for nothing more than a bag of kits, while other mistaken or wildly over-estimated players within the exhaustively researched database have grown to become cult heroes in the subsequent years.

Lovers of the game all share a passion for unearthing practically unheard-of footballers for next to nothing, and in my opinion the best incarnation to do so remains the 01/02 edition.

These prints act as both a nostalgic nod toward said edition and to a selection of the all time cult favourites (perceived wunderkinds, non-league gems and bargain world class talent) the game subsequently spawned.

Each print only displays a players attributes (stats which were used to display how good/bad a player was) and their position, combined with the colours of their respective club.

This refined approach aims to encourage onlookers to figure out what player is being portrayed with the finite amount of detail & information offered - something which shouldn't prove a problem for true 'Champ Man' fans!

This remains an ongoing project so there will be more to come. For now though, you can claim one for yourself at Society6